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And prospective clients know about it they’ll help spread the word to others who also think it’s important add it to your job site sign to let the entire community know about your waste management program and your efforts to donate usable materials if you have a recycling or reuse program in place today I really want to know about it I meanie almost in every recipe book and some people say that you should eat it everyday and you as a super food and what do you think man? You think that it’s a super food?

Jeremy I don’t think so at all. No. I mean in the sense of sure as like a stimulant supercity stimulating but I mean I don’t think that it’s a health providing food. As farad most of the other super foods that we talk about whether you know it be spiritual or bee pollen or easel ghee or things like that those are very healing. They have great benefits to people’s health whereas this doesn’t really have much health benefit Theresa lot more detriment to it but the entertainment value is higher but the health value is kind of low.John I see.Jeremy Not to say it doesn’t have any. It has some health value but the detriment outweighs.

Any health value that it has.John Sure. So what are the health values that they often say? That it’s high in mineral sand antioxidants. So what would you say about that?Jeremy I well, from my experience of it it doesn’t seem that nutrient dense at all compared to something like spiritual or sea vegetables or wheat grass, which are super high in nutrients, this doesn’t even come close. Compared to something like blueberries or even strawberries or Gobi berries you know something that you can eat so many of that you eventually get this like a flushing like a niacin flushing to your cheeks and stuff-and you can tell there’s so many antioxidants.

in it it’s actually you can feel it working.No matter how many cacao beans you eat you won’t have that sensation. You might get-like wow but you won’t ever get like a cleansing reaction or healing reaction from it and methadone of the ways that we can tell. And people that are promoting this as a health food,feeding it to children and to people that have illnesses to eat this, and it’s actually known carcinogen raw or cooked. It’s known to cause cancer in animals. And so most of the research that’s been done with so many things out there people say oh you know this was tested on mice or tested on cats or other animals. You know a lot of things are tested on animals and that’s how they make the claim oh it’s so healthy but they can also say hey that’s a claim as to why it’s unhealthy.